The doctor and staff of Physicians Weight Loss Clinic have helped many in the Manhattan and Long Island area with their weight loss goals though weight loss pills, supplements, diet plans, and support. One such weight loss pill that we have used is Tenuate.

Tenuate (diethylpropion):

Tenuate is a sympathomimetic agent, similar to Amphetamine. Tenuate acts as an appetite suppressant that can aid greatly in weight loss when combined with healthy diet and exercise. Read more about Tenuate a weight loss pill we use at Physicians Weight Loss Clinic.

Tenuate 25mg (tablet) and 75mg ER (tablet)

Indicated for patients greater than 16 years of age for short term use in conjunction with exercise and diet, with initial body mass index of >30kg/m2, or >27kg/m2. This is an appetite suppressant that stimulates the central nervous system creating a chemical reaction reducing the desire to overeat. Some adverse reactions include but are not limited to diarrhea, restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, dry mouth, abdominal pain, constipation, urinary frequency, sweating, euphoria, tremors, headaches, increases, increased heart rate. Avoid abrupt withdrawal.

Our Doctor

Dr. Elbanna has been in the medical field since 1986 and has been helping clients achieve their health and personal goals through weight loss and medical aesthetics since 2004. Dr. Elbanna’s practice at Physicians for Weight Loss is set apart from other weight loss clinics in that he can offer professional medical advice to his clients while they undergo their weight loss, transformation. Not only do you get professional medical advice, but you get the support you need to reach your goals.

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