Khaled Elbanna, MD

Weight Loss & Aesthetic Specialist located in Huntington, NY

About Dr. Elbanna

Khaled Elbanna, MD is a board-certified, anti-aging physician at Physicians Weight Loss Clinic in Huntington, New York. He’s been helping his patients from Manhattan and Long Island feel and look better since 2004. Before making the move to aesthetics, Dr. Elbanna practiced family medicine. He goes above and beyond to make his patients feel comfortable by taking a more personalized approach to care.

Dr. Elbanna understands the difficulty many people face when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, which is why he’s dedicated so much of his practice to patients who want to reach their weight loss goals. For long-term results, he uses a combination of FDA-approved medication and a personalized diet plan to help men and women shed unwanted pounds for good.

Dr. Elbanna attends regular seminars and has received numerous training certificates in the areas of aesthetic and weight loss medicine. This helps him stay up-to-date on current technology and medical trends, so he can provide patients with the most advanced treatment options. Additionally, Dr. Elbanna has acquired his urgent care board certification and is a member of the Empire Medical Training Incorporation.