The Physicians Weight Loss Clinic team has helped many clients finally have the body they desire. When all other diet plans and supplements have failed to help you reach your goals, let our phentermine diet plan assist you on your weight loss journey.
Phentermine is an FDA-approved diet pill. Following are our dose options

  • 37.5 mg tablet - This the most commonly prescribed medication for weight loss due to its tolerability and intermediate half-life and reasonably steady absorption

  • 37.5 mg capsule - Some patients prefer the capsule as it is swallowed smoothly

  • Phentermine 30 mg -The capsule of 30 mg Phentermine has a shorter half-life in the body which means it fires more medication in a shorter period of time usually a good option for afternoon dosage
  • 30 mg Blue/Clear - A longer half-life version of Phentermine. This version is better for maintaining your weight
Dr. Elbanna has been practicing medicine since 1986 and has specialized in aesthetics and weight loss since 2004. He helps patients in the Manhattan and Long Island area look and feel their best with PRP and other rejuvenating methods.

He wants to help you feel and look your best. Want to know more about Dr. Elbanna and his staff? Contact us today.
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