1. Get Ready For Summer With Us

    Summer is finally on its way and most of us can’t wait to put away our sweaters, get out in the sun and absorb some vitamin D, and say goodbye to the winter blues. But with summer comes the struggle between self-consciousness and rocking that new summer dress. Are you self-conscious? What are you insecure about? Is it the “hail damage” around your thighs? Or is the spider veins that cluster …Read More

  2. Success Starts at the Grocery Store

    Eating right is half the battle of weight loss. You can exercise all day, but if your diet is off, then you most likely will not see weight loss results. Also, a healthy diet isn’t always about eating less; it may be about eating better. Depending on your eating habits and your goals, you may need to eat less, but the point we are trying to make is successful weight loss isn’t necessarily abou…Read More

  3. Start the Change With Us

    It’s that time of year when we’re finally seeing the end of winter. Though we love our warm sweaters, boots, and other winter fashions, we are ready for spring clothes with lighter fabrics, colors, and to feel the warm sun on our skin. If you are like us, you have excitedly taken your spring clothes out of storage and flipped through lookbooks for this years spring fashion. But as you try on y…Read More

  4. Want to Lose Weight? Move More!

    Weight Loss can be a frustrating thing for multiple reasons. Not only is it hard to be patient and wait for results, because most of us just want to look and feel good as soon as possible, but also finding the time to do all that you must do to lose weight can be difficult. Shopping for healthy food choices, preparing meals, making time for exercise, on top of all of our other responsibilities can…Read More

  5. New Patient Special!

    Are you ready to lose weight? There has never been a better time than now! Physicians Weight Loss Clinic is currently offering new patients a discount on their first appointment. Pay only $59.99 for your first consultation with our doctor and learn more on how we can help you change your life. Contact us today to learn more about us, our special, and how we can help you! What We Do We offer weight…Read More

  6. The Journey of Weight Loss

    The pressure to be slim can be felt in every part of culture and the process of weight loss can seem impossible. We all want to look our best as soon as possible, and the process can be difficult, as well as, take longer than you want or thought, but first of all, know that your goal is attainable and you are capable of reaching your goal. Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective, a little …Read More

  7. Life after Diet Plans: Reward Yourself!

    Following a diet plan and losing “the weight” is a huge accomplishment no matter how long it takes you, and how much weight you have lost.. Losing weight takes dedication, perseverance, and intentional action, and no one can do it for you: it was all you! So congrats for completing your weight loss journey! After you lose the weight you need to celebrate! Here are some ways to celebrate after …Read More

  8. Tired of Cellulite?

    Every woman that has ever lived could probably answer this question quickly with a confident and resounding yes. If you are like many, you’ve tried the diet plans, the workout programs, the wraps, all the various other home party creams and gels, and the “wives tale” fixes. We can all probably admit to feeling resentment toward women we’ve seen on the beach, in magazines, or in the movies …Read More

  9. The New Year: A New You

    One of the most exciting things about a new year is the opportunity for a new start. Humans thrive in environments in which there is a beginning and an end. Time divided up into days, weeks, months, and years not only feels natural, but also gives us an opportunity to evaluate the previous time period and determine if we want to keep going in the same direction, or if it’s time for a change. So …Read More

  10. Love Your Face, and It Will Love You Back

    Physician's Weight Loss clinic don’t just offer weight loss supplements that have helped thousands, we also offer a variety of other services to help you feel your absolute best. Your face is one of your most defining features and why not treat as such? You only live once, why not treat each day like a catwalk, or at the very least, show that no matter your years, you are always young at heart. …Read More